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We’re more than just a technology company. We’re architects of communication
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About Us

At Javna, we’re more than just a technology company. We’re architects of communication

Since 2001

We have been at the forefront of the CPaaS industry, dedicated to bridging gaps and building bridges in digital communication.

Our journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of innovation, guided by a vision to create meaningful connections that transcend digital barriers.

Tech Pioneer

Javna is characterized by its innovative spirit, authoritative presence, and approachable demeanor.

We understand the power of communication in shaping businesses, driving growth, and connecting people. Our solutions are designed not just to convey messages but to foster deep, impactful relationships between businesses and their customers.

Clear Industry Leadership

Yet, we remain engaging and helpful, reflecting our commitment to customer service and support. Javna stands as a beacon of innovation, authority, and approachability in the ever-evolving communication technology landscape.

Our Mantra

“Create Meaningful Connections” – this tagline is our mantra and our promise. It captures the essence of Javna’s mission to deliver not just cutting-edge communication solutions but also to empower every message with the potential to forge lasting, significant relationships in the digital age.

Our Story

Pioneering the Future of Communication

In today’s EMEA business landscape, effective customer engagement is key, and businesses need reliable, innovative solutions to keep up with digital advancements. They seek multichannel communication platforms to drive growth and enhance engagement.

Navigating this landscape isn’t easy, with an oversaturated market of communication technology providers, internal pressures to innovate, and the ever-changing nature of technology.

Enter Javna. Since 2001, we’ve been a reliable innovator, transforming communication challenges into clear solutions. Our expertise, demonstrated by global partnerships and industry accolades, empowers businesses with comprehensive, customized strategies:

  1. We assess each company’s communication needs.
  2. We design and implement cutting-edge omnichannel solutions.
  3. We provide continuous support and innovation to keep businesses ahead.

With 24/7 support, direct Tier-1 connectivity, and advanced security measures, Javna ensures your business is equipped to engage, innovate, and lead.

Partnering with Javna offers unparalleled customer engagement, reliable communication channels, and industry-leading innovation. With two decades of experience and a forward-looking vision, we welcome you to join Javna’s journey to shape the future of communication.

Our Value

Vision & Mission
Our Vision - Shaping the Future of Communication

Our Vision: Shaping the Future of Communication

To be a Leader in communications & data as a service, driving unparalleled customer engagement experiences through innovative solutions that seamlessly connect businesses with their customers on a worldwide scale.

Our Mission: Empowering Businesses, Connecting Communities

To empower businesses with global connectivity and communication excellence to engage seamlessly and at a scale with their customers by providing accessible and innovative communication technologies through our APIs and cloud-based platforms.
In our pursuit of innovation, we are committed to developing solutions that are not only technologically advanced but also socially responsible and ethically sound. We believe that technology should be a force for good, enabling positive change and fostering inclusive, sustainable growth.
Excellence is at the heart of everything we do at Javna. From the products we develop to the services we offer, our focus is on delivering quality and value that exceeds expectations. We strive to be a trusted partner for our clients, providing support and expertise that helps them navigate the complexities of modern communication.
Looking to the future, we are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. We are continuously exploring new horizons, pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and seeking ways to make an even greater impact. Our journey is one of constant growth and learning, driven by our passion to create a world where every message brings us closer to a better tomorrow.
Our Mission - Empowering Businesses, Connecting Communities

Our Core Values

The Pillars of Our Success
At Javna, we are guided by a set of fundamental values that not only define who we are but also drive our approach to business, technology, and customer relations. These core values are the pillars of our success and the heartbeat of our corporate culture.
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Customer Focus

Our success is built on prioritizing client needs, valuing feedback, and delivering high-quality services for their success.
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Challenger Spirit

Driven by our team’s inventive spirit, we constantly pursue better ways to do business, facing challenges.
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Our integrity shines in keeping promises, owning actions, respecting all, and transforming challenges into solutions.
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Personal Excellence

We lead by committing to excellence, fostering personal growth, and celebrating our shared successes.
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We drive innovation, challenge norms, and deliver cutting-edge solutions to lead in the tech world.
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Our commitment shines in exceeding expectations, embracing challenges, and driving continuous improvement for impactful results.

Our Leadership Team

Guided by Visionaries
At the helm of Javna’s pioneering journey in communication technology stands a team of visionary leaders. Their diverse expertise, profound insights, and unwavering commitment have been instrumental in shaping Javna’s path to success. Meet the minds behind our innovation:
A visionary leader with over two decades of experience in the tech industry, specializing in telecommunications and mobile innovations. Under his guidance, Javna has launched pioneering products like RedRabbit and MobiAd, significantly expanding its global footprint. His strategic acumen and innovative drive have cemented Javna’s status as a key player in communication technology.
With +20 years at the confluence of creativity and technology, Bashar has mastered the art of impactful marketing in the tech sector. His strategic prowess and innovative flair have been pivotal in developing data-driven strategies and campaign across diverse industries. At Javna, his expertise has been instrumental in advancing CPaaS solutions, significantly influencing market strategies and fostering global partnerships.
with 17+ years in IT industry, Eyad excels in driving business growth in the CPaaS domain, mastering enterprise sales and account management. At Javna, he’s pivotal in enhancing market presence and revenue, leveraging his expertise in customer relationship management to foster significant business advancements.
With over 20 years in the telecom sector, Amer Momani excels in strategic oversight and technological innovation, particularly within messaging and CPaaS. At Javna, his leadership has catalyzed engineering excellence and product innovation, significantly impacting business growth. His expertise spans strategic planning, R&D, and project management, driving Javna’s success in a dynamic industry landscape.
With +16 years of experience, driving strategic initiatives and global connectivity. His leadership has been crucial in advancing Javna’s position in SMS A2P market, leveraging his expertise to foster partnerships and guide diverse teams. Khaled’s innovative approach and dedication have significantly contributed to Javna’s success.
Mamoun brings over 31 years of expertise in technology and database architecture to Javna, focusing on CPaaS and telecom solutions. His strategic roles in developing and enhancing database systems have been crucial in advancing Javna’s technological infrastructure, ensuring alignment with the latest industry innovations and business needs.
Moatasim Solaiman
Moatasim Solaiman
Moatasim spearheads innovative software solution at Javna, expertly managing development teams and employing agile methodologies for optimal efficiency. With a strong focus on server-side applications and cloud technologies, Moatasim ensures strategic project execution and fosters a collaborative environment, driving Javna’s technological success and industry leadership.
Tala’t with over 15 years of experience in software development and technical leadership, leveraging his expertise in various other technologies to drive innovative solutions. Tala’t’s strategic approach to project management and team leadership has been instrumental in delivering high-quality software products and services, That made Tala’t a key asset in Javna’s pursuit of technological advancement and customer satisfaction.
A seasoned Software Quality Director at Javna with over 17 years of experience in software quality management. His expertise spans telecommunications, mobile applications, messaging, and VAS services. Zeinelabdin has significantly contributed to defining quality roadmaps, leading QA strategies, and ensuring product excellence across various stages, demonstrating a strong commitment to delivering superior quality products.
Boasts over 20 years of expertise in financial management, adept at budgeting, reporting, and strategic financial planning. His leadership ensures compliance, optimizes resources, and enhances decision-making. Iyad’s role is crucial in financial strategy, team guidance, and maintaining stakeholder relationships, driving Javna’s financial success.
Leverages over 28 years of experience across quality management, HR, and IT operations. His expertise spans from ISO standards implementation to comprehensive HR functions, ensuring operational excellence and team leadership. Emad’s strategic approach in HR management and administration underpins Javna’s commitment to employee development and organizational success.
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