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Javna unveils revamped website featuring new suite of CPaaS products

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, May 29, 2024: Javna, a leading Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) company, proudly announces the launch of its revamped website, showcasing its new suite of CPaaS products. This update aims to help businesses explore and implement cutting-edge communication technologies to enhance their customer engagement strategies. 

The new website offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, providing detailed insights into Javna’s innovative offerings, including SMS API, WhatsApp Business Platform API, SMS Verify – OTP API, Omnichannel Verify – OTP API, and Omnichannel Notifications & Alerts API. These products are designed to empower businesses with global connectivity and communication excellence, enabling seamless and scalable customer interactions. 

“Our new website represents a significant milestone in our journey to provide accessible and innovative communication technologies to businesses worldwide,” said Mansour Mansour, CEO of Javna. “We are excited to offer our clients an enhanced platform where they can easily discover and leverage our CPaaS solutions to drive their business success.” 

Javna’s clients have already seen significant improvements in their communication strategies. Reeda Ammar, MENA Region SMS Product Manager at Sinch, remarked, “We’ve tried several A2P messaging providers, but Javna stands out in terms of efficiency and deliverability. Their insights and analytics have also been invaluable for our marketing campaigns and transactional volumes.” 

With the new suite of products, businesses can expect to achieve higher efficiency, better deliverability, and enhanced analytics for their communication needs. Javna continues to lead the industry with its commitment to providing top-notch solutions that cater to the evolving demands of the market. 

About Javna 

Javna is a pioneering CPaaS company dedicated to empowering businesses with global connectivity and communication excellence. By offering a range of APIs and cloud-based platforms, Javna enables businesses to engage seamlessly and at scale with their customers. The company’s innovative solutions include SMS API, WhatsApp Business Platform API, SMS Verify – OTP API, Omnichannel Verify – OTP API, and Omnichannel Notifications & Alerts API. 

Javna – The globally connected customer engagement platform. 

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